Funeral Services

Professional services you can rely on

Funeral services can be tailored to the family’s particular requirements. A service can range from a very simple farewell over afternoon tea to a more elaborate ceremony lasting a few days. There are very few rules and requirements as to how a funeral service should be arranged. Our professional service includes personal attendance to take instructions, arrange and direct the funeral service, transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home, embalming, liaising with the Minister or Celebrant, insertion of death notices in daily newspapers, providing viewing facilities and sourcing and processing all necessary medical certifications, preparing documentation, registration of death and the payment of all disbursements to individuals or companies for any goods and services provided as part of the funeral service.

Finding the right venue

Our intimate chapel located in Anne Street, Devonport has seating for up to eighty people. If a larger venue is required, we have access to a wide range of suitable facilities throughout North Shore and the greater Auckland area.

Customised funeral services

Make that final farewell a special event to celebrate your loved one’s life. We can help arrange for other extras such as arranging music, assisting with catering, ordering flowers, choosing a casket, picking out decorations, getting the headstone and arranging for cremation. We also provide Eco-Funerals which are environmentally friendly funeral services that assist in maintaining sustainability and reduce our carbon footprints. Talk to the funeral director today to arrange for a funeral service tailor-fit to your requirements.

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