Prearranged Prepaid Funerals

A thoughtful parting gift

Prearranged Funeral Service

How do you want to be remembered? Will an all-white ceremony reflect on the serenity of your life? Do you want specific family member to talk about your time in this world? No matter how you imagine your funeral, we can help make the arrangements for the service you want.

Aside from ensuring you have input on the details of your funeral service, this is also a thoughtful way to ease the emotional burden involved in the decision-making process for your loved ones. It might even give them comfort knowing that they are fulfilling your last wishes.

Prepaid Funeral Service

Worried about how they’ll cope financially when you are gone? Put your worries to rest with a practical plan to prepay for your own funeral expenses. Remove the financial burden from your next of kin at a difficult time. A full range of funeral expenses can be pre-paid including the purchase of plot, headstone or plaque.

Under current government policy, approved prepaid funeral schemes are exempt from asset testing for residential care subsidies. You can prepay up to $10,000 per person for funeral expenses. Interest is paid on the investment and surplus funds are paid to the estate. We can offer a range of prepaid funeral options through a number of providers including the Public Trust Office and Perpetual and Guardian Trust.

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